Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is surprisingly easy, but also really scary. It’s putting yourself out there for the world to see. My thoughts will now not be just inside my own head, but on the internet for everyone to read. I find that odd.

If you knew me in real life, you’d find out that i’m quiet. I don’t like to put my thoughts out there because I’m afraid people will think i’m not cool or I might make things awkward. Of course, that’s very cliche. But it doesn’t feel cliche to me; it feels real.

So, to make things short, I’m scared for people to know my thoughts. I think everyone might be. But, I’m also really excited to get feedback on them. I want to connect. I want to hear your response to my thoughts because I don’t get response very often. I don’t really have any friends I can talk to.

So, I guess that’s my question: Will you be my friend? Will you listen?


2 thoughts on “Starting a Blog

  1. I love your blog. You followed me on IG a few weeks back or so, and I had looked at your IG page a couple of times, but only today did I notice your website in the description. So I clicked on it. And I was rushed into the psychie of a person who uncannily reminds me of myself. The only key difference being that I can be a bit TOO outgoing at times. But like you, I, too, have no friends. By choice. Because most people are just too fake these days. Something has been telling me, though, that I should connect with you. More like grabbing my shoulders and shaking me while screaming it into my face. So. Here I am. Hi ☺ – @jeepchiq

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    1. Hi:) I’m really glad you enjoy the blog. It’s strange but cool at the same time when someone has the same inner thoughts as yourself. That’s why I made a blog – to connect with people in a genuine way. Thanks for reaching out 🙂


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