The Importance of Work that Makes You Feel Alive

To give some context, I am a junior University studying writing.

Throughout high school, I always new I gravitated towards the creative/writing/art side of the working world. I pushed these thoughts away because I believed I couldn’t make money at any of these passions of mine. My parents also pushed me away from my creative side and into pursuing math or science.

Even today, I know it would be easier if I decided to be an accountant or a nurse or an engineer. I’m paying good money to go to university, how can i justify majoring in something like writing? I ask myself these questions all the time, my parents ask me these questions, and so do most of the people in my life.

For the first two years of my undergrad, I was an accounting major. It’s true, it’s easy to get a job in accounting. The path is clear and the money is good. But doing accounting work for the rest of my life seems like a waste of my passions and interests. I think I would hate myself if i knew i wasted my life doing work I wasn’t interested in for money.

These thoughts are all very normal and many creative types struggle with these very concepts. Inspirational books, people, and quotes will all tell you to “find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I always knew this was true, but I called bullshit when doing a reality check.

I had my parents nagging me about the money they were spending on my university studies and reminders everyday while buying food or clothes or tickets that in this world you NEED MONEY. That’s the reality. Money and a career that supplies it is essential.

This is what i find to be true: doing your passion will lead to money. If your work is something you’re passionate about, you will do it well and you’ll need to succeed at it.

The world needs people doing things they’re genuinely good at and made to do. If you suppress the passions inside you to do something that’ll easily make you money, you’re robbing the world of a person living genuinely and realistically into themselves.

I needed to stop being scared to change my major. Risky, but beautifully true.


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