Become Healthy by Not Worrying So much About Being Healthy

In our culture, people are obsessed with the healthy lifestyle aesthetic. Vegan, vegetarian, mindfulness, yoga, working out, sleeping. Healthy is seen as the ultimate goal. If you’re not moving your ass to the gym or eating the right food, you may be seen as less cool or less motivated or in a funk.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I hate routine. I hate doing what everyone else is doing. Being “healthy” seems like a fucking full-time job. It’s not fun. You’re less focused on how you’re feeling when trying to be healthy and more focused on the routine of the healthy lifestyle.

Let me explain this. In trying to eat healthy and work out everyday, you repress the feelings of shit i don’t want to do this right now. I’ve eaten this meal-prepped kale salad three days in a row and today I just want to feel full & satisfied. You know the feeling after you eat mashed potatoes or a burrito.

So, the main goal is NOT feeling your best or listening to yourself. The main goal is maintaining a lifestyle. The same goes for any restrictions or rules you place on yourself.

And, sooner or later you’re going to break. You’re going to give in. I know, because this happens to me all the time. Cheat meals, lazy days laying in bed watching you tube, and giving in to your pizza craving late at night are super relatable. Wanna know why? It’s because we limit ourselves and sometimes there’s no self-control left.

The solution to this mess is to stop romanticizing the health guru, fitness mogul, salad-eating skinny living mindset. It’s perfectly fine to eat a salad. It’s perfectly fine to go for a run. But, do it when you feel like it. Trust me, after a bit you do feel like eating vegetables because your body is craving them.

The message i’m saying is really easily twisted into something I’m not saying. Eating should never be emotional. It should not fill holes in your life. Eating should be about supplying your body with the nutrients you need to move around and to think. But, you’ll be just fine if you stop worrying so much about what you need to do to fix your lifestyle. Spend your goal energy on things you’re passionate about.

Health should be about maintenance, care, and thriving. Not about goals and counting.

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