The Process of Writing

A lot of times it feels like I have nothing in my head. I’m not thinking about anything. Maybe that’s because I don’t do much during the day or don’t have many conversations, or maybe I don’t want to think. Whatever the case, not thinking much is bad for writing.

I realized that this blog is too stressful if I make it a collection of essays. So, instead it will be a collection of thoughts that come to me. Every night I will come to this blog and write whatever I’m feeling at the moment. It’ll be more of a journal I guess.

Writing is a strange thing. Putting what you feel into words doesn’t usually come out the way you mean. But, I think it’s worth it. And if you try enough times it comes out accurately.

I think writing is really about being honest. If a person’s writing doesn’t match the tone they speak with in real life, their writing will not work.

Because this will be more of a flowing journal and less of an edited piece of work, this blog may get a little all over the place. But, the interesting part of that is that our brains work in jumbled, incoherent thoughts usually. I hardly ever get a lucid well-thought out idea in every day life without concentrated thinking on that one idea.

Truthfully, I don’t like art that’s perfectly tied up. Meaning all the answers are right in front of you and the plot or point wraps up nicely. Art is more effective when it leaves you with questions and makes you think. Art is more effective when it’s honest and real.

This blog will mirror my thoughts in that it won’t always be tied up. It won’t always be a cohesive thought.

Writing for me has always been a release of emotion. It has been a way to express what I’m thinking. Writing can be painful, though, when I have to find all the answers to the questions I ask in it. When I have to conclusively make a point and carry out an argument.

Questioning is more impacting than answering. Realness is more effective than conclusive.

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