Life Can Look However You Want

When I was young, I thought everyone’s life should look the same. People should be kids, grow up, go to college, get married, have kids, live in a medium-sized suburban house, and live happily ever after. In that order, too. My parents taught me anyone who didn’t live like this was odd. Also implied was that this life is the happiest way to live.

I’ve since reevaluated and found out that living this way is not any life I want. It’s fine for some people, and I have no issue with that. One of my cousins lived that exact life and seems happy enough.

I read a quote once that said, “There’s two types of people in this word – those who leave home and those who don’t.” I think that’s true. Some people have a desire for the familiar that overpowers their desire for the new. And, other people, including me, have a desire for the new that’s greater than a desire for the familiar.

I’ve always thought that living a life a million other people lived seems boring and like a waste of time. Maybe you could argue that how you live this life makes the difference. I don’t buy into that thinking.

I want to move to New York. I want to live in Switzerland when I’m older. I want to write books and travel and live life strangely and genuinely and wildly. I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t.

Any one way to live life doesn’t seem right to me. Everyone is different and, therefore, everyone can live in a way that accurately reflects who they are. I find this concept a relief. It feels as if before I was under so much pressure and I’ve been released. Life doesn’t need to be in the typical order or need to look nice to be happily lived.

I’ll have kids before I get married. I’ll take a year off of college to travel. I’ll hang out with twenty-year-olds when I’m forty. It doesn’t matter. It’s not weird. Life is about picking experiences and situations that feel right to you in the moment. Nobody else has to like the way or order you live in. And, that’s okay. Good, even.

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