The Internet is Making You Less Human

I’m sitting in my room right now and I haven’t talked to anyone all day, except small-talk with the people at my internship.

It’s really important for me to have a place to discuss my feelings. Because I don’t have those people in real life, I often come to the internet to get my social interaction needs filled. If I don’t let out what’s going on in my head, my thoughts become a jumble of ideas that i can’t follow or place in the correct order.

Usually, I go to you tube and watch people’s days through vlogs. Or, I’ll go on instagram and look at other people’s posts. This becomes almost obsessive and I feel like I know these people and they’re my real life friends. I literally feel like I’m there with these people. I feel a strange sense after I get done watching them that I’m not living my own life, but watching life through theirs. It’s a really intense one-sided interaction, though. There’s no response from them. We’re not actually engaging.

The internet is really good at this. At being a substitute of interaction. I think in many ways it does work. I’m connecting with people, I’m seeing how other people are feeling, I’m socializing. But, am i?

There’s something to interacting with a person who’s actually there with you. You can see their emotions on their face, their body language, and you can respond to each other. There’s an energy between two people that can be replicated through a screen.

I see so much online about how it has done so much good and so much bad. The reason people say it’s good is that it makes the world smaller and it’s easier to interact with a lot of people. The reason they say it’s bad is because it makes us poorer at socializing, it keeps us inside more, and it makes life more chaotic & hectic.

I’d add to the reasons the internet is bad is that it leads people into believing they have relationships and interaction. But, there’s no response. There’s no in person chemistry. There’s something missing.

I think everyone needs a place to talk. Mine is here on this blog. I’ll get a response because people are looking at my stuff. But, still, something is missing.

Find people in real life, even if you have to initiate and look weird. It’s been ruining my own life, so hopefully i take my own advice.

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